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With unmatched dedication, Chase Diamond has consistently finished among the nation's top handicappers, and has garnered a tremendous and loyal following.

Active since:  2006

Location:  Las Vegas, NV

Chase Diamond began handicapping professionally in 2006. Back then it was an email-based business and being fresh out of school it was more part time than it was full time. But times have changed—from the time he wakes up at 7:30 am until he closes down shop at 8 pm he works on handicapping around the clock. 

Chase started out working for others behind the scenes at many offshore books and then with a few major websites. He then decided to start his own sports investment service, becoming one of the top sports handicappers on the internet winning many major top-ten handicapping awards. 

Handicapping sporting events today takes a huge time commitment and unwavering dedication to success. Chase determines the viability of teams by studying game action, box scores, personnel, coaches, stats, trends, past history, game conditions and weaknesses to create the most comprehensive prediction of that game’s outcome. Chase loves to zero in on just the right underdog, and dislikes being on heavy public favorite teams. Sports handicapping is a formula of putting together as many winning trends and edges as possible to allow for the best chance of winning in this industry. Chase came up with a personal slogan for his clients that’s simple: “Trust in Chase Diamond” - and it couldn’t hold anymore truth because thousands of clients trust in Chase every month to bring them home a nice profit. Games are rated as high as 10*, and Chase recommends betting 100 dollars per unit for big bettors and 10 dollars per unit for the smaller guys.

Some highlights of Chase's handicapping career:

2011-12 CFB 75-55 58% +14,170

2012 MLB 205-150 58% +14,170

2012-13 NBA 129-103 56% +15,090

2013 MLB 288-225 57% +11,850

2013-14 NFL 66-43 60% +16,120

2013-14 NBA 156-115 58% +24,590

2014 MLB 319-245 57% +36,680
2014-15 NFL 77-63 56% +6,500

2015 MLB 316-256 56% +27,340

2015-16 NFL 67-55 55% +5,100

2015-16 NBA 119-105 54% +4,540

2016-17 CFB 78-55 59% +17,920

2017-18 NFL Regular Season 66-42 61% +19,520 dollars

2017-18 NHL 69-59 54% 10,200

2018-19 NHL 69-46 60% +28,180 dollars

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