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Nover's View: Best and Worst of Monday Night Football

by Stephen Nover

Tuesday, Oct 26, 2021

 By Stephen NoverOf all the announcers available, you would think that highly prestigious NFL Monday Night Football could do better than Steve Levy, Brian Griese and Louis Riddick. Riddick isn't bad. He understands the game and personnel. But Griese has no personality and doesn't say anything of value or interest. Levy is plain overmatched. He doesn't know football well enough to do play-by-play. The Monday night crew has a long list of bad play-by-play announcers. Levy is right there with the worst of them. I should know. I've watched Monday Night Football since its inception in 1970. Here is my list of the all-time best and worst of the Monday night announcers. Best Play-by-Play Announcers: 1. Al Michaels: Simply the greatest football play-by-play announcer of all-time. Astute, sharp, witty, totally on the ball. Never makes a mistake and isn't afraid to point out things other play-by-play announcers would shy away from. His ''Now the game really is Over,'' as a subtle reference to the total going Over in a game where the outcome was decided but not yet the total is a classic. 2. Keith Jackson: Jackson was the first play-by-play announcer in 1970. He brought a charisma to the job with funny expressions and was smart enough to stay out of the way of Howard Cosell and Don Meredith. 3. Mike Tirico: He wasn't spectacular, or strong like Michaels. Just a solid pro. Worst Play-by-Play Announcers:1. Frank Gifford: One of the most overrated broadcasters of all-time. Constantly would make mistakes. He was nicknamed ''Faultless Frank.'' He should have been called just the opposite - ''Faulting Frank.'' 2. Mike Patrick: I just hated this guy. Huge ego. Always screaming whether it was a 2-yard run, or a legitimate big play. You never could tell the difference. A receiver would make a routine catch and Patrick would go nuts yelling, ''I can't believe what I just saw.'' No, I could believe it. I just couldn't believe what I heard. 3. Steve Levy: A bumptious, overmatched lightweight. Best Color Commentators:1. Dennis Miller: I know, I know. Just about everybody hated Miller during his two-year stint of color commentating from 2000-2001. I admit he was ill-suited to the job. But I found him absolutely hilarious when I could understand his jokes and arcane references. I wasn't in need of someone trying to explain plays and strategy. Miller was a most welcomed change of pace. I'm still shocked he was even hired for the position and then actually lasted a second season.2. Howard Cosell: Another highly controversial figure. Cosell didn't know the game that well. But he knew how to articulate his points and would go after anybody, or anything. He was a heavyweight. He also was great doing halftime highlights in his staccato voice and was a tremendous interviewer. Like him or hate him, Cosell really made Monday Night Football. 3. Don Meredith: He played great opposite Cosell. Extremely witty with a knack of knowing and saying the right thing at the right moment. Meredith had the greatest ad-lib in Monday Night Football history when the camera panned to the stands focusing on a fan, who unexpectedly raised his middle finger at the TV audience. Undeterred and unflappable, Meredith said look he's pointing out that his team is No. 1.4. John Madden: The best combination of knowledge, insight and humor of any color commentator. 5. Alex Karras: He had maybe the best line in Monday Night Football history when the camera zoomed in on frightening-looking Otis Sistrunk, Karras quipped that Sistrunk was from the University of Mars. Worst Color Commentators:1. Boomer Esiason: There's a scene in a famous Woody Allen comedy where a kid in grade school always gets the wrong answer and Woody Allen just puts his hands over his face and slaps his head. That's how I feel about Esiason. The guy gets a pass from the national media because he's photogenic and articulate. But he always says something wrong. His opinions are terrible. 2. Frank Gifford: Gifford was a triple threat when he played football for the Giants. He was a double threat - to the audience - when he was a broadcaster being horrible at play-by-play and just as ineffective when he was a color commentator never providing any insight or provocative viewpoints. Just a huge bore. 3. Paul Maguire: Mcguire had the reputation of mixing football knowledge with being clever and funny. He was neither. His stories and jokes were clingworthy. He also was far more wrong than right on his comments. 4. O.J. Simpson: O.J. makes the top-five list independent of being a killer. He was a jovial, superficial cipher who never brought any insight or inside information. He just smiled and made bland and innocuous comments. 5. Jason Witten: Fortunately Witten lasted just a single season, 2018. He brought no special insight. He was a master at malapropism. Best Sideline Reporters:1. Lesley Visser: She was more than just a pretty face. She brought a journalistic touch to what started out to be a fluff position. 2. Michele Tafoya: Knowledgeable and asked the right questions. Worst Sideline Reporters1. Eric Dickerson: The first requirement to being an announcer is the ability to talk. Dickerson had trouble speaking. He was hard to understand. As great a running back that he was, that's how bad he was as a sideline reporter.2. Lisa Guerrero: She didn't know football. This was apparent and highly embarrassing.

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NFL Week 7: Top 10 Rankings

by Wayne Root

Thursday, Oct 21, 2021

As we enter into bye weeks:   1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 5-1  Tom Brady leads the league in passing, but he'll face a tougher challenge against the Bears' defense Sunday in Tampa. The Bucs have played well from the outset this season after often struggling last season before beginning their championship push in December. The biggest issue now is the depleted secondary, How important is newly signed CB Richard Sherman injury? 2. Arizona Cardinals, 6-0  Could this be there downfall moving forward? The Cards have NFL-high 24 coronavirus cases within organization entering Week 7. Last week; No head coach? No matter. The Cardinals still won Sunday in Cleveland minus Kliff Kingsbury. They remain the league’s only unbeaten team, and there’s no doubting at this point that they are for real. It's a long season -- remember, the Steelers started 11-0 last year -- but there's not much you can criticize the Cardinals for right now. RIGHT?  3. Los Angeles Rams, 5-1 Matthew Stafford was sharp and the Rams were dominant while beating the Giants. The Rams scored 28 points in the second quarter against the Giants. That will work. Former Rams quarterback, Jared Goff is returning home this week. Didn’t he have any WR’s? WR Cooper Kupp appears headed for a career year, leading the league in targets (68) – the only NFL player with at least 10 in every game – receptions (46) and TD grabs (7). 4. Baltimore Ravens, 5-1  Quite a statement by the Ravens, who demolished one of the hottest teams in the league; the Chargers.They overwhelmed the Chargers in Baltimore. Lamar Jackson wasn’t superhuman this time, but he didn’t need to be. Latavius Murray, Le’Veon Bell and Devonta Freeman provided rushing touchdowns on a turn-back-the-clock day for the team’s veteran backs. 5. Dallas Cowboys, 5-1  Could this be Jerry’s year? That game in New England was one the Cowboys used to lose. It wasn't pretty, but they found a way to win. Dallas leads the NFC with 14 takeaways – with at least two in 10 consecutive games for the first time since 1976-77. Coordinator Dan Quinn and Co. are getting it done. The Cowboys had a memorable victory and a three-game lead in the NFC East to savor entering a bye week that provides time for Prescott’s calf injury to heal. Yes! It will be Jerry’s year.  6. Green Bay Packers, 5-1  Aaron Rodgers taunted the fans in Chicago. He could have chosen his words more tactfully, but the “I still own you” sentiments were accurate, given his 22-5 career record against the Bears. Rodgers and the Packers have been fantastic since their opening loss to the Saints. The Packers still don't look like a true Super Bowl contender, but they could get stronger as the season goes along as key players return from injury.  7. Buffalo Bills, 4-2 The Bills looked practically unbeatable during their four-game winning streak. But the Titans showed that, while the Bills are very good, they certainly can be beaten. I didn't hate the decision by Sean McDermott to go for the win on fourth down instead of playing for overtime. The Titans just made a better play. Look how that loss affected Buffalo. The Bills are now projected as the conference's fourth playoff seed through six weeks. 8. Los Angeles Chargers, 4-2  That was a dud of a performance in the lopsided loss Sunday in Baltimore. Just when the Chargers had begun to seem trustworthy, they reverted to being the Chargers. It was a bit of a reality check for the Chargers in Baltimore, but this is a good team that will bounce back. However the opponents game plans are to rush. They're also now the league's worst team defending the run. 9. Kansas City Chiefs, 3-3  They’re not back to being the mighty Chiefs. Not yet. Patrick Mahomes might have thrown the worst interception of his career in Washington, but he also made some big plays to win. They’re still in the basement but least, are back to .500. Tennessee might send to where there are no chance for the playoffs.  10. Tennessee Titans, 4-2  It's probably time to stop sleeping on the Titans. They had a bad loss against the Jets, but still appear to be a very good team. Derrick Henry was terrific Monday night, and the Titans used a late fourth-down stop by their defense to hold off the Bills. But seriously, how did they ever lose to the Jets?———————-These teams want in!!11. New Orleans 12. Cincinnati 13. Cleveland 14. Carolina 15. Minnesota 

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Nover's View: Point spread thoughts on 7 and Lions

by Stephen Nover

Tuesday, Oct 19, 2021

The two topics in today's NFL column are the point spread number 7 and the Detroit Lions. I'll save the worst for last. So let's begin with 7. We all know 3 is the most important point spread number in football. The next most significant point spread number is 4. Then 7. However, 7 is not nearly as important as it used to be. This is because of more missed extra points and teams understanding analytics thus attempting 2-point conversions more frequently. The value between 6 and 7 isn't nearly what it once was because of these factors. A team winning by exactly seven points has happened five times this season in 94 games through the quarter mark of the season. That's 5.3 percent compared to 7.4 percent the number of times a team has won by exactly six points this season. Note that twice of the five instances it was underdogs that won by exactly seven points. There were a couple of times, the latest being the Cowboys beating the Patriots, where a team won by six in overtime and not seven because there was no extra point try with the outcome decided. Conclusion being don't spend money buying extra juice to get 7 if taking 6 1/2, or laying 7 1/2. Not worth it. Now on to the Lions. Ever heard of Amon-Ra St. Brown, Kalif Raymond, KhaDarel Hodge, Tom Kennedy and Geronimo Allison? Didn't think so. Those are Detroit's wide receivers. I've been watching the NFL for 58 years and have never seen a less distinguished group of wide receivers. Tyrell Williams was supposed to be the Lions' No. 1 wideout after Kenny Golladay went to the Giants. Williams is injured. So is Quinten Cephus, who was the lone wide receiver to display some potential. Unfortunately, he suffered a broken collarbone and is out for the year. Jared Goff was only effective with the Rams when the setting was right, which meant playing in LA's nice weather with excellent weapons and backed by the coaching of offensive guru Sean McVay. Goff is exposed with the Lions as the timid downfield passer that he is unable to make any of his wideouts better. Aside from tight end T.J. Hockenson and running back D'Andre Swift, Goff has extremely limited talent around him. That's true. But Goff doesn't do anything to elevate this talent. Despite being the only winless team in the NFL and hit hard by injuries - on both sides of the ball - the Lions still display effort. They held the Ravens, Bears and Vikings to an average of 20.6 points in their three previous games before getting clobbered, 34-11, by the Bengals this past Sunday. You can't make it in today's NFL without a semblance of a passing attack. The Lions lack this. Detroit has failed to break 17 points since Week 1. The Lions are averaging 15.2 points in their last five games. The last time they scored a touchdown in the first half was on their opening drive back in Week 2. So what do you do with the Lions besides watch another game? Feel bad for Dan Campbell and bet the Under. The Lions have gone Under in each of their last four games. They've gone below the total by a combined 43 1/2 points during this span.

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