An NFL Official is Ruining the Game

by Stephen Nover

Being well-known and having a certain amount of fame can flattering. It's not a good thing, though, if you are an NFL official. 

The best NFL officials usually are the ones who you don't know their names. 

Jerome Boger doesn't fit into that anonymous category. He and his merry flag-waving crew of nincompoops seem to call penalties nearly every down. They were on full display this past Sunday night trying their best to ruin an exciting game between the Packers and 49ers. 

Boger's calling card is defensive holding. I've never seen so many defensive holding calls as I do when Boger's crew are the official's. 

The only time Boger and his officiating team didn't throw a flag this past Sunday night was when Davante Adams took a vicious helmet-to-helmet hit from Jimmie Ward on an obvious foul. 

Baseball has an umpire who is far worse than any other – Angel Hernandez. He can make the game random when he's behind the plate with his bizarre ball and strike calls. 

Boger is the same when it comes to the NFL, making the game less enjoyable by littering the field with his constant penalty flags. Hernandez and Boger each ruin their respective sport because of their dominant incompetency. 

I can't stand Boger. I wish the league would force him to retire. But there is a successful betting angle with Boger. According to research compiled by noted totals guru Kyle Hunter, the Over is 115-79 in games Boger has officiated. That's 59 percent. 

I can't confirm this, but I read where Boger's crew has called more penalties than any other set of officials during 14 of the past 16 seasons. I wouldn't doubt that. 

Some of Boger's calls are legitimate. Others are phantom. Boger's onerous effect on games actually has become a handicapping factor because of the Over bias. 

Sometimes you can find out ahead of time what officiating crew will be doing what game using this Web site:

It's a site I've been forced to bookmark now because of Boger. 

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