Bad NFL Owners Need To Be Held Accountable

by Stephen Nover

The names invoke horror. No, not Dracula, Frankenstein and Wolf Man. But Adam Gase, Matt Patricia, Hue Jackson and Marty Mornhinweg. 

What do these four former coaches all share in common besides a combined losing record of 30-115-2 during their head coaching stints with the Jets, Lions, Browns and Lions?  None of them lasted more than 2 1/2 years as a head coach with their respective team before the plug was mercifully pulled on their incompetence. 

A bad coach gets fired. A bad player gets cut. If an owner is bad, nothing. That should change. Owners should be held to the same standards. If they aren't good they should be out, too.

Want to know why Washington has just six winning seasons and only two playoff victories during the last 22 years while being the most toxic place to work? Look no further than Daniel Snyder. Washington has dropped from being No. 2 in attendance in 2009 to now being among the bottom eight. It's a damning indictment on the gutlessness of Roger Goddell to let Snyder remain as an NFL owner. 

Want to know why Jacksonville is 41-117 during the last 10 years? Take a bow Shad Khan. It's no coincidence that's how long Khan has owned the Jaguars. If it's possible to look even worse than a 2-12 team, the Jaguars are it. Urban Meyer was a disaster of biblical proportions. Yet it took Khan 13 games to finally show Meyer the door. 

Want to know why Houston is 3-16 in its last 19 games? Hello Cal McNair, the nincompoop who inherited the Texans following his father's death in November of 2018. McNair somehow gave general manager powers to then coach Bill O'Brien. The power hungry O'Brien proceeded to dismantle the Texans, a playoff team just two seasons ago, with a series of mind-blowing horrific trades while also surrendering huge draft capital. If Bavaria ever needs another mad king, I would recommend O'Brien. Meanwhile, the poor Texans are in for a deep rebuild.  

Want to know why Las Vegas is 62-96 since 2012? Introducing Mark Davis, son of the late Al Davis, who died in October of 2011. Al Davis had many great Raiders teams banded together under his famous slogan: ''Commitment to Excellence.'' The Raiders under Mark Davis could have the motto: ''Commitment to Excrement.'' Mark Davis tossed an absurd 10-year, $100 million contract to Jon Gruden, who hadn't coached in 10 years. Davis apparently also didn't do his due diligence vetting Gruden. Davis had no choice but to can Gruden following Gruden's brutal racist, sexist, anti-gay emails he traded with Bruce Allen, who at the time was Snyder's right-hand man and team president of Washington's football team. Hope Mark Davis was happy with the 22-31 record he received from Gruden along with a ton of bad press for his $100 million. 

Washington, the Jaguars, Texans and Raiders can look forward to the draft all they want, but they will never achieve a consistent winning environment until they get rid of their owners. 

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